Tuesday, January 12, 2016

This Winter and All the Winters After

Happy New Year to you. The holidays here in our little house in the woods were sweet and busy and full of people I love. There was a lot of getting ready, which I actually enjoyed this year, and then the house came alive with light, with warmth, with too much good food and lots of games (we even dug out our 1985 edition of Pictionary) and then...whoosh...done. Just like that. 

The house feels a bit hollow. I feel a bit full. In other words, it's January.

But! Now that I've finally managed to pack up the 15,000 Christmas ornaments and seven miles of light strings, there's a lot to look forward to this winter: My second novel, All the Winters After, will be published by Sourcebooks in the US on February 16th!

I'm really, really excited to share this story with you. Here it is, ready to go out into the world. I absolutely love this cover. I love the little cabin, the trees, the mountains, the type. The hint of northern lights on the horizon. And that wonderful endorsement from the extremely talented Sarah McCoy, novelist extraordinaire.

The early reviews have been great, which is, of course, a big relief. You can find more information on my website and links if you'd like to pre-order. (Pre-orders make all the difference in helping a book get off to a good start. They're extremely important and so appreciated.) I plan to write here regularly (can she really blog more than once a year?) so please check back. 

In the meantime, wishing you much happiness in 2016 and in all the winters--along with all the springs, summers, and falls--after.

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