Friday, January 22, 2016

All the Winters After Goodreads Give-Away and Publication Day in Germany

All the Winters After just came out in Germany! The title is Das Haus der gefrorenen Träume, or The House of Frozen Dreams. It's fun to see their cover design, so different from the US edition, but lovely in its own right. Those colors! Gorgeous.

My German publisher has done such a wonderful job with both Die Andere Seite des Glucks, which was a bestseller, and Das Haus der gefrorenen Träume. I feel very thankful to my editor Tanja Seelbach and all the hardworking people at Fischer Verlage. So let me just say, Danke. "Just" because Danke is about all I know in German, other than Ich liebe diche, which means I love you and is a good phrase to know in any language. Thank goodness for the translator, Helga Augustin, or this edition of the novel, though full of gratitude and love, would have been very short.

If you, like me, don't understand German but would like to get your hands on a US copy of All the Winters After before the pub date on February 16th, Goodreads is giving away ten advance readers copies. You can enter the give-away here.

Ich hoffe, du gewinnst! That means "I hope you win!" According to Google Translate. I sincerely apologize if I've just insulted your dog.

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  1. ...ich liebe dieses buch ;-) which means: i love this book. thank you for writing it - and i am looking Forward to your next, flurina (swiss-german)