Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ode of Thanks to Book Bloggers Everywhere

When you shade your eyes and look out across that great abyss between my last post and this one, it doesn't seem like I've blogged in a long, long while. But the truth is, I've been blogging my little fingers to the bone. I feel like the blogosphere's own Johnny Cash...minus the genius musical talent.

Here's my very corny attempt to send a heartfelt message of gratitude and a big shout out to all the bloggers who have read The Underside of Joy and featured it on their blogs, as well as those who organized the blog tour and BlogHer bookclub. Your support means the world to me. As an unknown debut author, I'm hoping that my novel finds its audience through word of mouth. And book bloggers play a key role in getting that word out. I don't expect you to read all of these at once, but do check out the blogs when you can. There are a lot of talented writers out there.

So sing along with me...(I apologize ahead of time. I'm better at writing novels than I am at writing songs.)

I've been everywhere, man.
I've been everywhere, man.
Sitting in my chair, man
Been from here to there, man
Of blogging I've had my share, man
I've been everywhere.

I've been to:
Leavittville and Laramie's and back again
BlogHer, Book'd Out, and the Bermuda Onion
Mommy's Memorandum, Charlotte's Web of Books
Fresh Ink, Fresh Fiction, She is Too Fond of Books
As I Turn the Pages, and Girls Just Reading,
A Novel Review... "Enough!" I hear you pleading.

But I've been to:
A Bookworm's World and Literary Mama
Melissa's Eclectic Bookshelf, Mariana
Breaking the Spine and onto What Women Write
Chicklit Review and News, check out all these sites!
Chicklit Central, and finally Chicklit Bee,
I know, I know... you've heard more than enough from me.

I've been everywhere, man
I've been everywhere, man
Had to rely on the muse, man
And bloggers who wrote reviews, man
without giving too many clues, man
Joy's been in the news.

Joy's been reviewed by:

Diary of a Mad Hatter, Call Her Happy
Zelda Lily, Cameron D. Garriepy
Snarky Momma and A Magical Mommy
Maroc Mama and Notorious M-L-E
Isabelle & David and Comfortably Crazy
Bookworm with a View, and look! BookPage's top twenty!

The Book Chick, The Book Fetish, and Beth's Book Nook
Steph the Bookworm, Lou Graham's Blog, and Poof Books
Suz's Treats, My Reading Room, and Tracy's Nook
Kimba, Blueshelled, Random Musings About Life
Life After BagelsThe Literate Housewife
Books in the City and City Wife City Life

Joy's been everywhere, man
Joy's been everywhere, man
Bloggers do their fair share, man
About books they truly care, man
With a passion that's surely rare, man
Joy's been everywhere, like...

Boomer Wizdom and Reading 'Riting Randomness
Chicklit PlusAsha's AspectsAt Home in the Bluegrass
Cindy Roesel, Mom to the Screaming Masses
Woman Wife MomHonesty and Truly, Joanna Does it All
Alise Writes, but Luann's Writing on the Wall
I'm so full of gratitude, it means a lot, ya'll.

Wait, not so fast:

A Design So Vast, The Provident Woman
Mama's Manuscripts, Trees and Ink, Jen's Book Den
A Pile of Style, Whole Iron Woman
Stephanie at RMG, My 3 Little Birds
Have to say, what a way they all have with words.
Don't forget: That's What She Read and The Mama Bird's

Shire Bacon, Sarah's Cucina Bella
I Still Hate Pickles (But she still loves Ella.
Lovingly Thrown Together, Joe was Ella's fella.)
Tzer Island, Confessions, Home Between the Pages
Purple Sage and Scorpions, Turning the Pages
Texas Word Tangle, Pardon the Dog Hair, man, But I've been everywhere.

I've been everywhere, man
I've been everywhere, man
KMSPR ran the blog tour, man
Their hearts are gold that's pure, man
Penguin and BlogHer chose it for their club, man
I'll buy rounds at the virtual pub, man
Let's all meet there, man.
'Cause thanks to everyone, I've been everywhere.